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Welcome prospective SOOTS (Secret Order of Tea Supporters)!

This is a monthly reoccurring tip under the model of Victorian patronage. If you would simply like to regularly support me & my various literary endeavors (and more). It's set at $2 a month, and you can opt for more, if you're feeling generous.

Honestly, I'm a little nervous about this but readers have asked, so I thought I would at least give you an option of acting, basically, like a Victorian patron of the arts.

You get my eternal gratitude, but this isn't a Patreon model, so there is no obligation attached. I'm not offering any product or tiers or anything.

And thank you again for proving to me that there are still amazing and generous people left in the world.

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I would prefer not to issue refunds.

If you make a mistake and put in too much money, or something, my assistant or I will try to issue a refund for the MOST RECENT transaction. But Gumroad doesn't make it easy.

We would only be able to refund the last charge.

Charge line on your credit card will probubly read: "Gumroad" in some way.

Last updated Aug 17, 2023

You get: My eternal gratitude & shock that anyone is so nice they would actually want to do this.

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